Dynamic Interface

The exploration and interpretation of your business data is critical to harnessing the power of big data insights.  TORCH™ employs multi-dimensional, dynamic reporting from real-time interactive business data, as well as:

• Real-time interaction visualization
• Four physics engines including velocity, gravity, volume, repulsion
• 47 applets (and growing!) for data and insights presentations

Fire Up Insights

After the initial TORCH™ discovery process, a variety of crawlers are deployed to navigate and investigate a vast sea of data. Following this, up to 28 parsers, which organize and identify data like natural language and images, are used to determine which data may be actually applicable to the business, leaving only relevant data behind.

TORCH™ provides a topographical map to help businesses determine the best path forward. This detailed map does not function as a simple Point A to Point B mechanism, but offers insights, that when analyzed by our data scientists, can help companies navigate and plan a course of action that will ultimately affect their audience engagement, business planning, strategy, workflow processes, and client acquisition, as well as their ability to recognize potential obstacles and opportunities.



NightWatch™ Trend & Counter Trend Indicator Toolset

Most trend-following positions end up failing: this is not news to anyone who studied this field. Success often comes from studying long-tail strategies, run-away successes that make up for many small, less-than-stellar response rates. Failed campaigns, most often are simply the cost of doing business as a trend follower.

But what if this phenomenon could be exploited?

Another customized instance of TORCH™ can include the NightWatch™ Trend & Counter-Trend Indicator module. An intelligent quantifier of things previously thought “unquantifiable,” NightWatch™ can measure the sentiment, presence, and influence of trending events and figures of importance, and by using a unique algorithm, quantify the worth and value of them.

This incredible capability to take risk out of the equation, when say, hiring a celebrity spokesperson to sponsor a major event or company, and using this toolset to accurately quantify and put a value on their presence and influence in the social media and public sphere and project their impact on a company, is invaluable.